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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture” - Ken Robinson is helping us appreciate, what anyone who works in arts education will already intrinsically know, that changing the world is possible through arts and creative education. Within a residential context, we also become a community, of artists and providers, where our individual creative efforts and social interactions are linked and shared for the benefit of all. 
This then is a call to action, an opportunity for you to engage in the debate, share your ideas about the future of arts education and residential learning, and find ways to tackle the growing ‘poverty of creative access and opportunity’. 
Throughout the next few months our blog will feature; reactions to Government Policy, the economic and social impact of residential Arts Education, staffing a residential education centre, current research about the extent of arts learning provision in the UK, evaluation of residential programmes, shaping residential provision through listening to young people and much more… 
Please get involved, get in touch and get connected by sharing our news and contributing your own comments and ideas via this site and through Facebook #ingestrematters 
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