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What a brilliant week! This week the students form Wodensborough Ormiston Academy came to Ingestre Arts. With the group ranging from Year 7 to Year 10 there was a lot of apprehension on the first day however, by the end of the week all this had changed. The first workshop was a team building activity, where working in mixed groups, the students had to make a bridge to support a full drinks can. Bridges were marked on their aesthetic, and also their effectiveness! With the emphasis on teamwork, students were forced to communicate with others who they wouldn’t necessarily have approached on their own, and whilst it sounds tough, it made for beginnings of lots of new friendships through the week. 
The 58 students threw themselves into workshops in Drama, Dance, Music and Art, all pushing them out of their comfort zones resulting in some fantastic work. 
In Music the group worked with Ollie and John to write, record, rehearse and perform two catchy songs. Focusing on the theme of ‘Daring to Dream’ both groups sang about confidence and following your dreams. The musicians were spurred on by an excellent crowd during their final sharing in Studio 3. They should all be very be proud of what they have achieved. Creating a song from scratch, then to record and perform it in front of a crowd is something that not very many people can do! 
In Drama the group focused on JK Rowling’s trials and tribulations in getting Harry Potter to be published. The actors and actresses portray Rowling’s struggle with everyday life and how, by never giving up on her dream, she was able to eventual get a publishing deal. The group intertwined well known scenes from the Harry Potter films in with the day to day reality that Rowling faced, all in all resulting in a captivating and interesting performance. 
In Dance the group worked with Tara to choreograph all of their own movements. There were lifts, rolls, lunges and more, with each dancer collaborating with another to create a stunning piece of work. With a killer soundtrack and nifty lighting cues the group performed what many people would view as a professional piece of work. Considering the above, the dancers achieved a tremendous amount of work in such a short amount of time and should be very proud of themselves. 
Our Art students were lucky enough to be able to exhibit in the Orangery, showing some beautifully thoughtful work concentrating on their own dreams and aspirations . Students produced all sorts of unique artwork. From big to small art works, the attention to detail was excellent. Using their own inspirations the works were a physical representation of the thoughts inside each student's head. 
In conclusion, Ingestre was a hive of creativity with every single student created something unique. The parents and staff of these students should be extremely proud in the knowledge that each individual created some incredible work. We look forward welcoming Wodensborough to stay again soon! 
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