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Hart School : October 22nd-26th 
This week Ingestre was host to the very talented students from Hart School, Rugeley who had the theme of ‘Blues’ to focus on for their week-long stay with us. All the departments were excited to have such a great theme, so work started straight away planning and preparing for performances later on in the week. 
Through discussion, students in Dance decided to look at the feeling of being ‘blue’ and started exploring the ways dance can communicate this using music and movement. Drama students also took a similar route, looking at mental health and the stigma around it. They watched The Black Dog , to prompt discussion around managing your own mental health and asking for help. 
Music students took the theme in its literal musical form, focusing on composing 12-bar blues and the origin of Blues music to inform their lyric writing and composing. They looked at the ‘Circle of Fifths’ to inform their chord progressions, choosing a minor key as the root. Splitting into two bands, students went off into two music studios, to try out melodies and compose bridges. After storyboarding, their stories were converted into poetry to write verses and choruses. 
Development and progression ensued, and by Thursday, all departments were ready to share their work to an excited audience of their peers and invited family. Both Teachers and Tutors alike were astounded by the high quality of the work produced and the confidence with which all of the students performed, whilst parents and grandparents who came, were all beaming with pride in the achievements of their children. 
A successful week was had by all, as the students left us with enthusiasm and inspiration for developing their abilities in the Arts, they also left with original pieces of Dance and Theatre, choreographed and devised by themselves and two original songs which you can listen to, on our Soundcloud, which is coming soon! 
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