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What a creative week we had! The students from The Link Academy arrived at Ingestre Hall with the difficult theme of Resilience as their task for the week. Typically, the whole week was taken up by encouraging and developing talent and artistic expression that represents what Ingestre Arts is all about. A residential week at Ingestre Hall aims to help people out of their comfort zones and encourage them to engage in and express themselves through the Arts. This week was a brilliant example of Ingestre’s raison d’être. 
The week saw an unbelievable amount of creative flare from our visiting school. We were treated to two deeply emotive songs created in music. The group had worked hard all week writing and recording vocals, accompanied by an array of different instruments, either programmed, or played by the students themselves. All the hard work that had been done during the week came to fruition on Thursday afternoon with the two bands giving the rest of the group a performance of their debut performances. The Artists of the week gave us a stunning exhibition in the Ingestre Orangery. The natural light of the new build was a perfect counter-point to the powerful messages of resilience expressed through the art that the group had created, each of them telling a powerful, personal story through their artwork. The Dancers of the week took on the theme in a very unique and intuitive way. The movements that the girls had choreographed, perfectly shaped a balance showcasing resilience in all of its different forms. The Drama students portrayed resilience through the eyes of JK Rowling and her journey of persistence in getting the Harry Potter novels published: Everyone around her, including herself, told her “No.” She persevered, however, and went on to publish one of the biggest selling stories and franchises to ever exist. 
The creative journey students take at Ingestre, isn’t the only journey that matters. The group consisted of students from three different year groups from two different schools which form their academy, who shared the week creating, playing, inventing and socialising with each other. Many life skills were learnt such as self-reliance, trust and being able to clean up after themselves, as well as share space creatively and socially with a range of different people in a setting that they may not be particularly familiar with. To conclude, it was a brilliant week that highlights why a visit to Ingestre is so important in adding value to the lives of the people who visit us. Providing space and time for expression and the fuel for the necessary enthusiasm and pushing people out of their comfort zones is exactly what Ingestre is about and this week is the perfect reflection of this. 
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