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St Peter’s Primary Academy Stonnall 
Theme – India 
This week Ingestre Hall was a hive of creativity like never before! The students from St Peter’s Academy participated in a Rotation Week, creating inspiring works in Art, Drama, Dance and Music. 
The group expressed great enthusiasm for every aspect of their stay. No matter what the Art form, each student displayed a passionate approach to creativity. The week started with Arts Award inductions, with students completing their Discovery Level by the end of the week. These students left the Hall with more than just a creative flare and inspiration for continuing in the Arts: They now have a recognised Arts qualification and variety of life skills to help push their potential even further. 
Here’s a little insight into the week; 
In Art we had Brusho Taj Mahal’s, table tennis bat peacocks and some stunning drawings of elephants, abstract tigers and kalamkari designs. In Music we were treated to two tracks and live performances. The first track focused on a narrative that the group came up with themselves, focusing around the survival of the Rainforest. The second track used traditional Indian instruments to create a topical, yet intriguing, track. Drama told the captivating Diwali story of Rama and Sita, using lighting and choreography techniques to bring the fantastical tale to life. In Dance we witnessed a staggering performance, with the students showcasing all of the choreography and storytelling techniques they had learnt during the week. In both Drama and Dance the stories were told in two parts, further building the excitement towards the end of the week. 
Even though the week was jam-packed full of creative workshops there was still plenty of time for social activities. There was a visit to our WW1 Field Hospital exhibition, a visit to St Mary’s church, Movie nights and even a disco to bring the week to a close. 
The week was finished off with the groups’ Final Sharing on Friday morning. With a mid week sharing taking place on Wednesday, the groups rotated workshops in order to finish of the storytelling process. On Friday over 50 visiting family members came to watch, as the students showcased their work. This was possibly the biggest audience Ingestre had hosted in recent times. The Final Sharing was absolutely astounding; everyone had produced some brilliant work that their, peers, teachers and the Staff at Ingestre can all be very proud of. 
Why not take a look at our Facebook page for their photos and comments, and our Soundcloud for their amazing tunes! 
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