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October has arrived and so has the unpredictable weather. We had an absolute ball with the children and staff from the Hart School. Despite the truly awful weather, the group maintained an extremely positive and enthusiastic attitude towards each of their art forms. 
The children made the short journey over Cannock Chase to arrive at the Hall for a pre workshop tour and lunch. Once everybody got their bearings, it was time for the creative ideas to start flying! 
The group participated in creative workshops in Art, Drama and Dance. The students’ attitude to the creative process was excellent, with their final sharing on the Thursday being the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the hard work that had been put in. The theme for the week was ‘Time’, this gave the tutors and students a very broad scope in which to create. This was living proof of how differntly people can approch the same theme! 
In Art, Heather and her artists exhibited in the Ingestre Orangery, creating self-portraits out of charcoal and chalk. The portraits were inspired by the work of Rembrandt and his diverse paintings that showed the evolution and decline of both his eyesight and body. The artists showed themselves through the eyes of an older person. 
Drama took us on a trip to an old people’s home: However, it was much more exciting than it would appear on the surface. The children told the story of younger generations visiting their loved ones in the home before each elderly person got a chance to share a memory which transported us back in time. Through the power of drama, we visited WW1, circuses, dances and a range of different historical scenes. 
The largest group of the week was Dance. The students worked closely with our dance tutor, Tara, to choreograph the piece resulting in a performance that was both captivating and diverse. Using their own inspirations, mixed in with an interesting set of lighting cues and music choice, the final performance is something that the group should be extremely proud of. 
All in all it was a fantastic week and one that we cannot wait to replicate again in the future. 
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