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Well what a busy week indeed! Ingestre Hall hosted two groups from St Johns’s Middle school splitting the week in two. Over 100 students created in Dance, Music, Art and Film workshops. The work that was created throughout the week was incredible, there were some truly talented individuals. Both groups should be extremely proud of what they achieved. 
The first group stayed at Ingestre from Monday through to Wednesday, concentrating on their school values of justice, prayer, love, integrity, reconciliation, faith, forgiveness. The reality of these values are that they adhere to peoples’ moral compasses, as much as they might represent the school, students can connect and create with these values without having to give too much thought to it. This was extremely useful to the group as they were only at Ingestre for a short time, meaning that every single chance that they had to create was invaluable to the outcome of their final sharing.  
In the first groups final sharing there were origami birds hanging from the Art studio ceiling, with a range of different drawings and paintings accompanying the exhibition. There was an audience left on the edge of their seats with flips and acrobatics taking place in Dance. In Film, the audience were presented with a news report-style comedy that talked about a selected number of the schools values. All of this was capped off by a fantastic performance in Music where students had written, recorded and rehearsed all of the content themselves. 
After a very creative and intense couple of days it was important that the students took some time to relax. The group got to enjoy all that Ingestre has to offer, watching films in the 3D cinema, exploring the grounds, playing football, table tennis, arcade games and even having their very own disco to cap it all off. 
The second group flooded into Ingestre on the Wednesday and quickly devoured their lunch! After a quick tour and some time to settle in it was straight to workshops. Time was of the essence as this group only had 2 days to create and develop their respective works before presenting in front of their peers. Following the same theme as the group before them, each student put their own unique spin on one of the schools values, resulting in a very similar yet different set of performances. 
The second sharing of the week personified the different ways that people go about creative tasks. Both groups enhanced their creative abilities exponentially in a range of different ways. Not only this but both groups increased their own personal confidence and independent thinking skills, adding a few more strings to their bows that will undoubtedly aid them in the future. 
To conclude, we were simply amazed by the quality and professionalism the students from St John’s Middle School expressed. We cannot wait to create will you all again soon! 
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