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Last week saw the end of another academic year at Ingestre as Perryfields High School visited us for another jam-packed week of fun and creativity. The group arrived at the Hall ready for a week full of Drama, Art, Dance and Music workshops. Their theme for the week was kindness and collaboration, which set the week to be one that we all thoroughly enjoyed. 
After the group had settled in and had a tour of the building it was straight into being creative! 
Ollie, John and Isobel worked with the musicians to write, record and perform two different tracks: Splitting up into two bands, each student contributed to different aspects of the creative process. However, throughout the week each student learnt something new, further adding to their talents as musicians. The final performances certainly had people clapping along ! 
Richard and his actors and actresses developed their own play, telling the story of ‘hidden sadness’. They reminded us that when people are not kind it doesn’t make them mean, you never know what people have been through, a little bit of kindness can go a long way and can change peoples lives for the better. The idea that everyone carries a little sadness with them, sometimes it can leave a mark on their lives which affects the way they treat people they meet. This was portrayed brilliantly by the drama students who used all of the techniques that they had learnt and put them into a final performance that truly captivated the rest of the week. 
Tara and her dancers choreographed a very athletic performance that took inspiration form some of the students gymnastic backgrounds. There were lifts, jumps, lunges, rolls, and even drops! During the week the dancers worked on their techniques in order to execute their fantastic performance that took place in front of their peers at the end of the week. For such young students the final product is one that would not be out of place as a GCSE level performance. 
Heather and her artists worked in the art studio and the Ingestre Orangery to create and exhibit a variety of different works. The atmosphere in the studio was a very relaxed and peaceful one allowing for the students to take there time and really explore their artworks. Their final pieces were exhibited inside the Ingestre Orangery. In such an open space, the group moved from piece to piece congratulating their peers along the way. There was even an interactive part of the exhibit where students had created lots of individual feathers that when put together formed wings, in which students stood to have their photographs taken in. All in all it was a fantastic exhibition. 
It wasn’t all about the creative experience however, the group got to enjoy our fully interactive WWI exhibition, play in the hall and grounds, 3d cinema nights, a visit to the church and even a superhero themed disco! Perryfields were a fantastic group to work with and one that we cannot wait to have at ingestre again soon! 
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