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It's the start of the build up to Christmas and Ingestre Hall welcomed the students and staff from St James C of E Primary, Oldbury. The theme for the creative workshops was ‘Planet Earth’ with the students creating in Drama, Art, Dance, Music and Animation workshops. 
It’s safe to say, it was a pretty hectic week, with some very excitable students leaving home for the first time! However, this is what Ingestre is all about! Many of the students that visited this week had never had the opportunity to play instruments, create and develop their art and drama skills, or even been given licence to dance in a creative way, et alone write, record and produce a documentary style fit of their own. 
After the group had arrived and had time to adjust to their new home for the week, it was straight into creative workshops all building towards a final sharing at the end of the week. 
In Music, the group worked closely with John, Ollie and Felix to write, record and perform and original track that blew the staff away! After working on some lyrical structure and instrumental workshops, the group split themselves into singers, percussion and keys to work on accompaniment. The result was a brilliant song that was performed very confidently by the musicians. 
In Drama the group worked with Richard, masterminding another original work story inspired by the story from ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. The students came up with all of their own lines, working with Richard for stage direction and actions which, resulted in a truly special performance during the final sharing. 
Our Dancers worked with Tara, focusing on telling the story of how we, as humans, are affecting our planet in a negative way. Coming up with all of their own choreography, the group danced to an accompaniment of various ‘ David Attenborough’ clips where the dancers would match the movements described by Attenborough, with their bodies. There was also a very clever use of props where the dancers used luminescent balloons and blue lighting to recreate the scene of an angler fish stalking its prey in the dark. 
The Artists worked with Heather manufacturing some very life-like, environmentally-friendly, works. There were octopi, polar bears, birds and even a bloom of jellyfish hanging from the ceiling! The group worked in a very relaxed, but productive way all through the week, building up towards a stunning exhibition that left the rest of the group dishing out some extremely high praise. 
All in all, it was a very busy week that left both staff and students very ready for the weekend! That being said, the standard of work that was achieved was out of this world! We are extremely grateful to all the visiting staff and students for creating so well and working with such passion and tenacity, we only hope now the students go on and pursue their newly found talents, spreading their creative wings. 
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