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This week Ingestre welcomed the children from Ocker Hill Academy to participate in creative workshops that helped the group realise their capabilities in a range of different artforms. The theme for the week was the Ancient Egyptians, which provided the perfect topic for the group to explore their creativity through Visual Art, Dance and Drama. 
In Drama, Richard and his actors recreated the story and discovery of Tutankhamun. Using physical theatre techniques, they acted the construction of Tutankhamun's great temple and tomb. The group then elaborated their story, leading all the way up to the discovery of the tomb in 1922 developing the narrative to explain the following curse that Howard Carter (discovering archaeologist) and his colleagues faced. It was a powerful piece of Drama where all the boys met the challenge to support each other through their remembering of lines and stage directions. 
In Dance, Tara and her Dancers used physical movement to bring the ancient hieroglyphics of the Egyptians to life. Using the expressionism of physical interaction the Dancers told the story of the Egyptians and their legacy, whilst defining the unique characteristics we recognise as ‘Egyptian’ in modern society. 
In Visual Art, Heather and her Artists created a range of different works. We had big art paintings of two Egyptian gods, brusho Egyptian silhouettes, mummies, hieroglyphs and King Tut frames as well as golden Egyptian cats. The children used Egyptian numerals to decorate the backgrounds of their Camel Selfie pictures, where they used pastels and charcoal to create some amazing artwork. 
We had a great week with the children and Staff from Ocker Hill; they are regular visitors and always remind us of the continued effect that Ingestre has on their children when they return to school. Mr. Goodwin, lead teacher and senior member of staff at Ocker Hill Academy, always talks about the ‘magic’ of Ingestre and how it has ‘the power to unlock something creative from within each child’. And he speaks from experience; two years ago, being encouraged to draw and paint during his visit here inspired him to try some more drawing and painting in his free time, something which he has continued to do and join in on workshops in the Art Studio whenever he is here. We love to hear about how a visit to Ingestre Arts can inspire you and have a postitive mpact on your life. Why not get in touch, via our Facebook or Instagram pages, to tell us how we have helped you realise your artistic potential? We would love to hear from you… 
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