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Last week, our skilled facilitators , hosted some students from the National Citizenship Service in Oxfordshire. With students arriving from two different campuses and three different study courses, this week was set to be an exciting change to our normal weeks. 
With the aim of the course being to create enough footage and sound to develop a Horror Film Trailer back at College with the material they had recorded at Ingestre, Richard developed a completely bespoke programme where all students had writing, directorial and drama sessions, and then enough time to storyboard their ideas, record and create enough sound recordings to be able to do their trailer. With the added difficulty that their actors were from a different college, time was against us, but with the timetable in hand and a sense of urgency behind them, the students set to work with our artists. 
Instead of our usual curriculum of Visual Art, Dance and Drama, we used our wealth of experience and a little help from some visiting Practitioners. The group worked with Felix, Ollie and Jack to focus on teaching and assisting in Foley and soundscapes as well as helping the students to develop and shoot some original ‘horror’ style films recorded at Ingestre to take back with them. Our friendly Film tutor, Rob, came in to teach and assist in filming and editing some different scenes, further giving the students the skills that would become essential to them once they were independently making their work. 
The focus on the Horror and thriller genre was fitting, it being so close to halloween! The Hall had a sense of anticipation around it as the students and staff alike got to work on their various projects. 
The result of the week was a mixture of exploration and independence, exploiting skills and talents nurtured through the delegation of roles within the filming process, with all of the students gaining experience which will be valuable in their chosen field. 
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