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This week, we welcomed back the children and staff from Year 4 at Blakeley Heath Primary School, who were our guests to explore the theme of “Playlist”. So after a quick tour, lunch and meeting the tutors, we set straight to work in sessions to begin creating. 
Ollie and the music students raced off up to Studio 1 to start writing lyrics, by creating a story and then turning it into a poem; Tara and her dancers disappeared off to the Dance studio to work on interpreting and choreographing a dance. Heather, along with a team of artists, went off in search of inspiration from the composer Saint Saens, looking at his Carnival of the Animals suite of music. 
Having picked three different animals, the artists were soon embroiled in making their Art, creating an underwater background and populating it with oil pastel seaweed, coral and stones, paper octopi and jelly fish made from bubble wrap. Listening to their music was a key part of the interpretation, with the children discussing pitch, tempo, dynamics and how the music made them feel. The “Aquarium” sounded like water running over pebbles and the children imagined themselves swimming through coral reefs and meeting a variety of tropical fish. 
In Dance, the children were listening to the same piece of music – interpreting it with moves and patterns, which reminded them of the sea and the creatures within it. Using partner work and group choreography techniques such as canon, the dance evolved into a full-formed performance. 
Our Musicians were busy experimenting with melody whilst using MIDI instruments to record drums. The musicians collaborated brilliantly to write some fantastic lyric. The hard work definitely paid of as it and giving each other the confidence to perform in front of the rest of the group at the end of the week. 
There was also a lot going in terms of social activities such as, a trip down into the WWI installation, movie night, table tennis, table football and a bunch of other games as well as some delicious food provided by our Ingestre cooks. However, the highlight of the week would have to be Mr Wheelers perfectly timed cover of Will Smiths 'Fresh Prince' during a very excitable disco night. All in all, it was a very successful and inspiring week. 
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