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Equality was the theme of what was a very busy week here at Ingestre. Students and teachers made the journey from Blakedown, Belbroughton, Clent and St Kenelm’s Primaries for an action packed week of arts. 
This was certainly one of the busiest weeks we have ever had at Ingestre! With students from each school participating in Art, Drama, Dance, Music and Animation there was still somehow time for a range of evening activities. The group also got to experience a day trip to the Orangery for a very special, puzzling and intriguing collection of activities. All this, with the addition of a disco, 3D movie and bingo night! This was really a special week. Oh and I almost forgot a trip to Ingestre church, that just happens to be the only church outside of London to be designed by Sir Christopher Wren! 
This week was a rotation week meaning that students participated in two arts specialisms each, this also meant that there were two sharing’s in which students exhibited their works. 
With the group being made up of four schools, children who had never met worked together brilliantly to create in each art-form. In Drama the students created two captivating plays focusing around the theme of equality, one story explained the journey and significance of Rosa Parks, where as the other story took a less specific spin on the idea of equality. Both performances had the audiences gripped and questioning the theme in a positive and enquiring way. 
In Dance, Tara worked with both groups to choreograph two unique performances both based around the story of Malala Yousafzai and the powerful message of equality and education she represents. Both performances put had their own unique spin on what is an extremely emotional and significant story. The dancers handled such a mature topic in a very respectful and professional way, ultimately producing work that they should be extremely proud of. 
In Animation, Rob and Lee worked with both groups to create ten brilliant animations. The groups used a mixture of plasticises to create their own stop motion animations. Each animation tackled the theme of equality in a different way. There were dinosaurs going to different parties, superheroes not making friends and even a trip to the zoo! The creativity and expression the children showed, when all presented with the same task, was sublime. 
In Art, Heather worked with her artists, creating a range of different artworks. From big art to small art and everything in between. The artists used a variety of different imagery as inspiration looking at people from all different backgrounds to create artwork that reflected the idea of equality. 
In Music, John helped the musicians write, record, produce and perform two original tracks. The songs were both extremely diverse with some very catchy chorus’. Both groups worked hard on their rehearsals, resulting in two very powerful performances that had the audience all singing along. 
The standard of work and commitment to the the theme were exemplary through out the week. Every single student, teacher and parent should be very proud of themselves. We always enjoy having the Hagley Pyramid Church Primaries to stay at Ingestre and are always amazed with the standard and quality of the students work. We cannot wait until next year! 
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