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This week we welcomed back Bleakhouse Junior School for another action-packed week of creativity. Focusing on the theme of “Books” the students honed their enthusiasm for reading through their respective creative outlets. However, it was not all about the creative processes this week, as the group got to spend much of their free time playing in the grounds, partying in our disco and even enjoying a 3D movie night. The Arts are important, but perhaps more importantly, a residential experience at Ingestre offers students a chance to connect and interact with their peers in a whole new way, as opposed to how they would if they were at school. 
During their workshops, students explored the theme of Books in Drama, Arts and Music. The musicians created two very juxtaposed tracks which had the audiences singing and clapping along during the final sharing. 
Richard worked with perhaps the most enthusiastic book readers from the whole school, to create an original performance that took us to a mystical land. The story told of a boy’s journey through different realms on his quest to save the world from an evil dragon. The whole group worked exceptionally hard to create a captivating final product which the audience will remember for a long time to come. The Visual Art group spent a lot of their time creating and experimenting with various materials, creating book sculptures, taking clippings and pages from books to create a large portrait of the creative process that inspires an author to write. 
The students were able to aid their creativity through a range of evening activities that I think the teachers also secretly enjoyed… We had a Ingestre bingo night, 3D movie nights, a disco, games night and much more going on throughout the grounds. 
The final sharings for each group were absolutely brilliant. The school, teachers, parents and students should all be very proud of what was achieved here at Ingestre. Hopefully, the students learned much about themselves, as well as about their peers, and can now move forward with confidence, knowing that they have achieved something unique. 
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