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Ingestre Hall 2019—Day one. 
After a short coach journey, we arrived safely at Ingestre Hall. Those of us who had not been here before were amazed at how beautiful and grand the building was. Once we had been greeted by and introduced to all of the staff, we located our dormitories and began to unpack. We were all very excited to decide which bed we would sleep in and even had to make the beds by ourselves! Following lunch, we got into our creative groups to begin working with our tutors. We have started work on our Arts Awards which is very exciting. After tea, we had some free time which we filled by exploring the downstairs areas in the house and playing lots of games. Some of us got the opportunity to go and visit Ingestre Hall’s ‘WWI Casualty Clearing Station’ where one of the tutors - Felix - gave us lots of information about the war and also gave us the opportunity to explore the artefacts. Following our busy day, we were all very sleepy and were thankful to get tucked up in bed. We’re really looking forward to our week ahead and will let you know what else we have been to very soon! 
Ingestre Hall 2019—Day two. 
Hello from Ingestre Hall! This morning we woke up raring to get stuck into our group activities. After a wonderful breakfast, we had chance for some fresh air and free time before splitting off into our groups. Today we will be preparing for our ‘Work in Progress’ showcase, where we will get the opportunity to perform and display what we have created so far to the other children. This has meant that we have been super busy all day, working with our tutors, in order to start to piece together our performances/pieces of artwork. We’re really enjoying our time and love being able to explore the grounds outside during our free time. After tea time, we sat down ready to write our letters home—we hope you will receive them very soon! We were a little bit shocked when we were told to go and put our pyjamas on as it was only early but we were actually in for a treat as we were getting prepared for a 3D movie night. We gathered together on bean bags ready to watch Toy Story 4, it was like being in the cinema. We managed to fall asleep really quickly this evening as we were all very very sleepy. Tomorrow is going to be another jam-packed day of learning and activities so we will keep you updated on what we have been up to. 
Ingestre Hall 2019—Day three. 
Today has been another busy day here at Ingestre. We have been working extremely hard alongside our tutors to get our work ready. Our theme this week is a story called ‘Leon and the Place In Between’ therefore we have been really focused on ensuring the work we produce reflects this story. In art, we created 3D doves and began to create a circus collage. In dance, we met our new tutor called Amy. We had to make sure we remembered all the things we had learnt the previous day and added new sections to our routine involving props! In drama, we have been very secretive with our work as it is full of magic and surprises. We are very excited to reveal our work to everyone. In music, we have began to produce our songs. Johnny P has helped us to create our backing tracks and we’ve added in our lyrics. We are really pleased with how our songs are coming along. In the evening after our tea, we had a walk over to the Church where we greeted by local historian Tony. We were all in awe, as he told us stories from the past and even showed us some artefacts to go alongside them. Following this, we returned to Ingestre Hall and got in our PJ’s ready for an evening quiz. As it was one of our birthdays today we all had a slice of delicious birthday cake and sang happy birthday. 
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