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Blimey what a week!? 
The Children from Rowley Hall Primary came to stay at Ingestre! 
The theme for the week was Alice in Wonderland. The children participated in a rotation week with children doing two art forms. Rowley Hall Primary has been coming to Ingestre Hall for over a decade and each year the quality of work is raised to another level! 
The week consisted of Drama, Dance, Art and Music workshops with a range of different work being created in each Studio. The groups all took a different and unique approach towards handling the same theme, which allowed for interesting and inspiring creations to be made. 
In Drama the two groups, worked tirelessly to re-create the story of Alice and Wonderland, focusing specifically on the story leading up to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. The group worked extremely hard on the projection of their lines and can hold their heads high, as the final performances were incredible. 
In Art, the groups presented over two sharings. The first sharing, on Wednesday, exhibited works focusing on the Queen of Hearts guards painting roses red, using the text of the story made into roses, which they splattered with red ink! And a glimpse through a keyhole to spy magical views into Wonderland. Using brusho techniques the second group focused on a flamboyance of collaged flamingoes and the mad hatters tea party with paper sculptures of teacups and playing cards. 
The Music for the week was outstanding. There were two groups each creating tracks that they should be extremely proud of. The first tracks focused on the general theme of Alice in Wonderland, with the group explaining the recording processes in great deal during their first sharing. They spearheaded their explanation with a captivating performance, singing along to the track that they had made. The second group focused on the part of the story where Alice first goes down the rabbit hole, again performing with confidence and gusto in their final sharing opportunity. 
In Dance, Tara and her dancers choreographed two fantastic performances. The first focused on Alice chasing the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole. The second performance focused on the Lobster Quadrille. Both performances focused significantly on performance technique, pace and effect, with the children achieving all of the targets set them with flying colours. 
A Rotation week is always a busy one, and this was no different. We are always amazed at the quality of work that children achieve in their time with us, the skills they acquire with regard to staying away from home, and being pushed outside their comfort zones. Needless to say, everyone will sleep well this weekend, safe in the knowledge that a good job was done well. 
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