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It’s such a shame it didn’t snow this week! 
We welcomed a small group of delightful children from Lanesfield Primary School. With Christmas fast approaching, we chose a beautiful picture book to study called “Winter’s Child” by Angela McAllister, which had an enchanting story about a boy called Tom, who loved Winter and wanted it to last forever once he had found friendship with the Winter’s Child, and played with all Winter long, until the Spring arrived and the Winter’s Child went home to his father.  
The story inspired some amazing work in both art forms; in Visual Arts, the children were inspired by the stunning illustrations and created box frames illustrating all their favorite parts of the story. Drama students worked collaboratively, using physical theatre to convey the story with movement and voice. 
All the children worked to the best of their ability, producing work of an extremely high standard, achieving end results that surpassed their own expectation. It was great to see that the children were able to use valuable skills such as perseverance and determination, to succeed. We are always thrilled to see children achieve things they never dreamed they could, and this week was proof that children do this all the time; they just need the encouragement and the time and space to do it. 
Head teacher Zoe Rollinson was full of praise for the work the children had produced. ‘Having the opportunity to be creative and access a broad and balanced curriculum is something all children should have the chance to experience’. 
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