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Music workshops include composition, recording and performance. Rather than simply learning to perform a piece of music, students use creative writing to express feelings and emotions, explore stories or learning themes. This approach builds a connection with a topic and allows time to facilitate a depth of learning. 
Workshops include creating and recognising rhythms, playing instruments, singing, recording, production, and the visit culminates in a live performance. 
Drama at Ingestre Hall focuses on creating an original performance. Students create short scenes and sketches in small groups which are then performed to the whole group for peer feedback, before refining and then building a collaborative piece. 
Many styles are used at Ingestre, including Naturalism, Brechtian Theatre, Physical Theatre and Theatre of the Absurd. Thanks to the stunning environment, it is possible to create highly engaging, immersive, promenade and site-specific performances which engages students and puts the audience at the centre of the action. 
Allowing students to explore a number of situations within a controlled, safe environment provides an ideal opportunity to enhance empathy, use initiative and build confidence. 
Art workshops at Ingestre offer the time to explore a chosen theme with the depth and variety of techniques that may not always be possible in school. Skills and techniques used include drawing, printing, silk painting, wire, collage, canvas and textiles. 
Pupils work individually and in small groups so that they can share ideas, develop reasoning skills, communication, social and team skills and increase self-efficacy. Visiting staff are encouraged to participate to learn new skills and to assist transfer of learning back to school. 
At the end of the visit students host an Art Exhibition to the rest of the group which incorporates displaying and introducing the work, discussing themes, challenges, techniques and successes. 
Our dance workshops are centred on creativity and performance, with participants exploring a theme and generating ideas rather than simply putting dance movements to music. 
A variety of challenges help students choreograph their own movements in pairs, as small groups or individually which develops creative thought, the ability to share and discuss ideas, negotiating with and leading others. The visit culminates in a full dance performance created using both pupil choreography and teacher-led elements. 
Dance styles used at Ingestre often incorporate Contemporary and Street Dance. Pupils are encouraged to express their own ideas in the studio and incorporate any dance skills that they may already have. This approach means that all abilities and levels of experience are catered for, nurtured and advanced. 
Students get to experience the entire process of making a short film; from storyboard techniques and setting up shots, to starring in their own short film and using software to edit their footage.  The film making process is ideal for encouraging creativity, enriching students’ narrative abilities, learning production and technical skills, and developing a film language concerning composition and styling, appropriate to a given theme. 
It is possible for the Film department to work alongside the Music department, with students providing the visual story of the song they have composed during their stay, resulting in their very own music video. 
Our animation workshops provide a fantastic way to engage, empower and inspire children of all ages and abilities, allowing them to creatively explore their ideas while learning many valuable, transferable skills, in either 2D or 3D ‘claymation’ animation styles.  Our stop-motion technique is used in film and TV favourites such as Wallace and Gromit, Pingu and Shaun the Sheep, providing students with a reference point for their own work. 
Students will make their own backdrops, scenery and figures and create storyboards in which anything can happen. 
When adding sound effects, music and editing their work, children are engaged in the full animation process, from initial ideas through to the final edit, including setting up cameras, shooting each frame, 'onion-skinning’ and editing using computer software. 
As well as learning and developing photographic skills, photography is a great way to encourage students to engage with their surroundings, plan out and frame their shots and to get creative.  And with such an incredible setting, Ingestre Hall provides plenty of inspiration; whether it’s in the beautiful wood carved interiors of the Jacobean mansion house, the stunning 27 acres of grounds designed by Capability Brown, or the captivating architecture of the church attributed to Christopher Wren. 
Students will learn the mechanics of taking a photograph and the effective use of camera settings to produce a great shot.  Using a given theme, students will get to put their skills into practice and take photographs whilst experimenting with a variety of different techniques.  Students will get to edit their images and choose a selection of photographs to exhibit, either in print form or through digital projection. 
Here at Ingestre Hall we offer a variety of facilities for both fun and meaningful evening sessions.  
Outside, we have 27 acres of grounds to explore and play, and we can facilitate night walks and bonfires which are incredibly atmospheric with such a dramatic backdrop!  
Inside we have a 3D Cinema where the students can enjoy a wide selection of films.  
Downstairs we have a WWI Field Hospital Exhibition - an interactive and immersive experience that can enhance any visit to the Hall and broaden subject knowledge. For a 3D glimpse and tour please visit here. 
We have a fully equipped party/disco room for the students to dance the night away, along with a great selection of games to play; ranging from table football and ping pong, to pool tables, air hockey tables, Giant Connect 4 and arcade machines. These can be found both in the Great Hall and in our dedicated games cellar. Board games are also available. 
We also have a tuck shop and souvenir shop stocked with lots of goodies.  
We have seen a real change in the progress and achievement of our children. Their confidence has increased exponentially. This has translated in the classroom into a better attitude for learning and greater confidence in taking part in whole class activities. 
For schools seeking a creative partnership where children are empowered to become autonomous, independent learners then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend setting up a partnership with Ingestre” 
Assistant Headteacher, Staffordshire 
“This was the most amazing trip I’ve been on for the children’s outcomes and what they produced and learned in a day.” 
Assistant Headteacher, Birmingham 
I loved Ingestre Hall because I feel like it’s a really great experience for someone who is thinking about taking one of the Arts as an option at school. Ingestre tutors encourage us to be more confident and share ideas. I loved choreographing some of the final dance. I also loved working with people I haven’t worked with before from different year groups. It was great to see teachers relaxed and get to know students that they didn’t know before 
Year 8 Pupil 
I had never been to the centre before and was slightly apprehensive as I am not a naturally 'creative/artistic' person. However, the quality of the provision and your outstanding staff transformed some of the children in just a few days. So many of them are now walking with their heads a little bit higher and I really hope that this continues at school! By the end of the week, I wanted to join in and will be definitely taking some of the things I saw this week back to school to try them myself! 
Teacher, Sandwell 
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