Dance at Ingestre Hall is centered on creativity and performance. Work is developed through a chosen theme and pupils undertake a variety of tasks to create their own movement ideas in pairs, as a group or alone. By the end of the week a full dance performance will have been created using a combination of the pupil’s choreography and teacher led elements. The main focus in the department is on generating ideas around a theme rather than putting dance movements to music.

Dance at Ingestre is not solely based on one particular style and often incorporates Contemporary, Street Dance and more. Pupils are encouraged to express their own ideas in the studio and are able to incorporate any dance skills that they may already have. This way of working means that all abilities and levels of experiences are catered for, nurtured and advanced.

Through Dance workshops at Ingestre, pupils establish skills in creating dance and also in performing to their peers, which fosters confidence and self-belief. As well as live theatre-style performance, workshops utilising the building as a performance space to create ‘Site-Specific’ dance are often delivered.  Dance Film and the use of visuals in performance is another element included within the Dance Department.

Ingestre Arts also prides itself on working with schools and pupils to create work for GSCE and A-Level examinations and school productions.


Recent work created in Dance

 Ingestre Arts on Vimeo.