Case Studies

Case Study – Primary School Residential Arts Course

School: Oakham Primary School, Year 6
Theme for the week: ‘The Titanic’

The school’s Intended Outcomes:

  • Children having learnt or built on something new
  • Children having had an enjoyable learning experience
  • Children being able to work collaboratively

Intended Personal & Social outcomes:

  • Taking initiative
  • Responsibility
  • Problem solving


Group Organiser’s Comments:

The chosen theme was one which all the children enjoyed, all of the activities that were planned provided fantastic stimuli for the children’s learning and the outcomes demonstrated this.

The activities that the children took part in enabled them to build on and learn new skills. During the activities children were encouraged to work collaboratively with a learning outcome made clear.

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“Children were involved in their learning journey throughout the week and were able to work towards the goal of producing a celebration of their learning at the end of the week. Being able to choose their desired arts group, children were inspired and ‘switched on’ to their own learning”

“It was hoped that children would build on the art, music, dance and drama skills that they already had and that children would be able to make links to their topic based on the Titanic. Staff at Ingestre Hall used the existing knowledge of the children (which was limited) as a starting point to their learning, and more experienced students (musicians, artists and dancers) were encouraged to share their skills and were given many opportunities to build on them through the experienced staff members.”

“Within dance the more experienced children were able to share their experience with the less experienced children. Many of the dance group belong to dance clubs and had the opportunity to work alongside their dance tutor to create a more advanced performance that was more complex than what would be expected, this was evident in their performance. Our musicians were encouraged to incorporate their musical knowledge and instruments into their performance and one of our budding writers also applied his skills to song writing.Within drama and art, our children were given many opportunities to build on or stretch their artistic talents.”

“The overall outcome was one that will stay with both the children and staff of Oakham for a long time. Both children and staff had a fantastic time – a fantastic way to start a new topic.”

Samantha Crisp, Oakham Primary School